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After-sale Management

After-sale Management

Amoto automatic door provides high-quality after-sale service for customers; the Company has over 20 professional installation personnel. Besides, an appointed logistics company can provide convenient and fast logistics service for customers. The installation personnel can install the door for users according to the installation instructions, and provide corresponding Standard for inspection and acceptance of installation for users, so as to facilitate the inspection and acceptance of users. For self-installation after buying the product, we also can assign the professional installation personnel to provide install guidance.

After-sales service:

1. We commit that the repair rate of the automatic door series is lower than 3%;

2. After passing inspection and acceptance, we also provide life-long warranty and repair.

3. Record the quality problem returned by customers, appoint repairman to repair on site in first time;

4. If the product is damaged or destroyed after passing the warranty period, we will timely provide repair service but the user only needs to cover the travel expense and fitting costs.